Mako Multi 200 Inline Knife

Mako Multi Inline Knife

The Mako Multi 200 Inline Knife benefits from 6 axis servo motion which brings quality, repeatability and accuracy to the inline cutting process.  Automated tooling setup coupled with a knife location jig greatly reduce change over times whilst a fully configurable knife plunge force maximizes tooling and blade life.

Mako Multi 200 – Key Features

  • Robust powder coated steel frame.
  • 6 Axis servo control provides fully co-ordinated synchronous motion ensuring efficiency, reliability and quality of cut.
  • Automatic tooling setup optimises the cutting process profile to suit the product characteristic and hence, maximises uptime and reduces waste.
  • Individually regulated knife plunge pressure and knife cut rotation allow each knife to be optimised to deliver excellent cut quality whilst extending tooling life of blades and anvils.
  • Co-ordinated motion of knife carriage, lower support rollers and internal cutting bullet is fully synchronized to the growing tube to deliver an accurate and repeatable product every time.
  • Rotating tube support rollers synchronize to the rotation of the tube to deliver exceptional cut quality.
  • Internal knife setup jig with pre-calculated knife target positions greatly reduces the start up time normally associated with multi-knife systems.
  • Automatic incremental offset of the internal cutting bullet distributes the wear due to the knife impact and greatly extends tooling life.
  • Safety interlocked tempered glass access doors provide excellent visibility of the production process which enables the user to quickly identify and resolve setup issues.
  • Fully compliant with current safety standards and issued with a declaration of conformity.

Mako Multi 200 – Specification

Minimum Tube Diameter34.5mm (ID)
Maximum Tube Diameter200mm (OD)
Maximum Tube Wall Diameter12mm
Minimum Cut Length115mm
Maximum Cut Length1600mm
Maximum Cut Cycles Per Minute40
Maximum Products Per Minute200*
Maximum Rate of Inline Tube Growth60m/minute

* Note: The maximum products per minute is based upon using six knives and five useable products per cycle.